My first Blog post


I finally took the plunge and started a blog. One could say I jumped straight into the deep end, but I would say it happened differently. I took baby steps for the last few years and finally made it into the water today.  For every step forward, I’ve been known to have a  few stumbles backward. I finally figured out that my fear of failing was holding me back & preventing me from starting this blog.  I don’t feel comfortable writing or conveying my feelings. So, why did I start a blog? I’ve asked myself that 27,000 times. Don’t you have to enjoy writing to be a successful blogger? Well, I don’t enjoy writing (yet) , but I do enjoy sharing and inspiring others through my creations. I am stepping out of my comfort zone and making a splash. I will not allow my fear of failure to paralyze me any longer.  However, if you asked me what I’d rather be doing right now, I’d tell you working on my miter saw in the backyard or using my Kreg Jig to  drill pilot holes into reclaimed wood. I  already miss it.

I’ve been asked by many of friends to share my tutorials and my creations.  So, this is for all of you.  I hope to succeed and swim off into the sunset. So much for that idiom.  For now, I hope my tutorials will be beneficial.

As a mother of 3 boys, a dog and a wonderful husband, I thank you in advance for reading my blog.


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